Bloomberg TV Interview with MD & CIO Helen Zhu

June 11, 2024

MD & CIO Helen Zhu, was featured on “Bloomberg: The China Show” alongside hosts Yvonne Man and David Ingles. In the interview, she discussed the AI market, anticipating a possible devaluation affecting AI sentiments.

Zhu also addressed potential rate cuts by the Fed, noting that should rate cuts be further delayed due to sticky inflation, investment-grade bonds may be vulnerable in the face of slowing growth.

She explored hedging strategies for US equities and bonds in light of current valuations and credit spreads and stressed the importance of monitoring the US consumer and service sectors for any cracks. Finally, she shared her outlook for China’s market for the second half of the year, where reflation, recovery and hopefully structural reforms from the Third Plenum could support further re-rating in spite of geopolitical risks; and potential for non-US dollar assets to outperform amidst positive global PMI indicators and peaking US growth.

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